It's In The Working .....


            Have you experienced a rough week ….. I’m talking about a WhyAreYouTestingMe -GetOnMyLastGoodNerve-YouReallyDontWantToMessWithMe - IAmSoOverThis  or a(Fill in however you Like) week?

            It’s in the midst of these weeks, seasons, days and moments that people with good intentions want to offer support and comfort.  One of the common clichés is that everything happens for a reason, even though spoken with good intentions, it’s not exactly what you want to hear when you are in the midst of a painful situation, yet I know that it is probably based upon a biblical text.

“We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.”  Romans 8:28 NRSV

My classmates and I were discussing this passage, when one of my classmates shared something that changed my perspective.  After she spoke, it occurred to me that .....

God’s grace isn’t confined to when the situation reaches a resolution and everything works out.  God’s miracle is in those who have resolved to accompany you on the journey as you are working it out…however long it takes.


            It’s in the people who are placed in your life during WhyAreYouTestingMe -GetOnMyLastGoodNerve -YouReallyDontWantToMessWithMe and IAmSoOverThis moments …. this is God working.  Life in and of itself is a glorious, creative and adventurous and a mess.  Situations will not always work out the way that we expect, and sometimes the outcome isn’t without complications.  But we can be so focused on the problem being worked out, that we lose sight of the blessing right in front of us -  those whose ministry of presence is accompanying us throughout.


            It’s in the one who speaks the dose of truth to me in love and the ones who know when I just need someone to listen to me as I vent ….. completely uncensored and with nooooooooo filter. It's in my squad who understand when I need to ramble and when I need to retreat.  It’s from my brother from another mother who always gives me the undiluted truth when my heart is bruised. It’s the one who hugs me, pours me a glass of wine and gives me a safe and nonjudgmental space to collect my thoughts.  It’s in the morning devotion that reminds me to keep my mind in perfect peace.  It’s in the ones who don’t even know that they are blessing you.  It’s in a spontaneous meet up with a friend who you plan to comfort and encourage and they end up being an inspiration to you.  It’s sitting and listening to a friend excitedly read to you a portion of her book, and the random pages she selects speak directly to you and has you in tears.  It’s in a random I was just thinking about you text.  It’s the card from my mentor in ministry that she has been meaning to send, but destiny was in the delay, because I received it on the exact day, hour, minute and second that I needed it.  It’s in the online friend, who you have never met, whose posts, tweets and periscopes are speaking directly to you every single day.  It’s in an evening of being sharpened by another poet/spoken word artist, listening to Raheem DeVaughn , dancing to music and in all of my Radio Stations on Pandora.  It’s in the one who invites you to speak and encourage the teen girls, not knowing that you are the one who is being encouraged.  It’s in hearing from your former student who is now a teacher. It’s in the grace of a sister who rearranges and adjusts her busy schedule just to make time for you. It's when you take time for the ministry of simply being present ... with no pretense, but with authenticity.  It's in all of this ..... and more.


             I am at the point in my life when I acknowledge that I am in a particular situation and having a moment, but I know not to send out change of address cards and make it a permanent habitation.  But even though it’s temporary, it can seem to last forever.  Encountering difficult and painful moments is a normal situation, but it wasn’t always designed to be a permanent habitation.  God works in those who walk with us as we pass through it ……………. however long it takes and they are with us when we walk through those moments again. They cover us.  One afternoon, after providing a safe space for me to release, a sage and trusted confidant shared something with me.  She drew a circle that represented me.  She then retold my story, and each time she mentioned someone or something that blessed me, she drew an arrow pointing at me.  When she finished, she told me to look at that visual of me being in the center and all of the arrows pointing at me that represented the myriad of ways and vessels that accompany us in the working. 

            Don’t wait to exhale until your situation reaches a resolution or works out.  Exhale and breath in the presence of those who have resolved to accompany you as you are working things out and repeat …. It's not always about the destination, it's most likely about the one who accompany you us on the journey. That's the miracle.

             I’m sending love and prayers to everyone who reads these words.  When you’ve finished reading, draw circle that represents you and then an arrow pointing to the circle.. .. that’s me. 



Love you,


P.S.  IT’S IN THE WORKING.  It’s in the ones who have been asking me when the last time I wrote …… and the ones who bluntly told me that I need to, because like the Snickers commercial, I’m not myself when I don’t write.   (You know who you are- smile)  I close with Anne Lamotte's words, because they articulate the meaning of miracle ......


“Close friendships are one of life's miracles--that a few people get to know you deeply, all your messy or shadowy stuff along with the beauty and sweetness, and they still love you. Not only still love you, but love you more and more deeply. I would do anything for my closest friends, and they would do almost anything for me, and that is about as spiritual a truth as you can get.”                                            Anne Lamotte