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With a passion for writing, storytelling, ministry, and spoken word, Rev. Sheila P. Spencer is committed to educating, encouraging and empowering people. Delivering a global perspective, she is an esteemed Director of Education, published author, and contributing columnist to the Spiritual Outlook section of the Indianapolis Recorder. Sheila's published works include “Unto Whom Much is Given” and “From the Jewelry Box: Custom Made Inspiration.” In addition, she has recorded a Spoken Word CD and an audio version of her books. She has traveled internationally and shared God’s message of inspiration and love to groups all over the world. . With a heart for people, you'll often hear Sheila say, "She is blessed to be a blessing."

Sheila's passion include education and inspiration. She served as an educator, teacher trainer, mentor and literacy coordinator in Los Angeles. Many of her reflections are the life long lessons that she has learned from her students. 

Children have the innate ability to see the joy of the extraordinary in our everyday life.

Making connections in Ghana!

Making connections in Ghana!

The”From The Jewelry Box” book highlights how more often than not, the students are the teachers. Lessons learned in the classroom translate to lessons learned in life.  These gifts of learnings are among the precious gems that are in the jewelry box, custom made for inspiration. The book is available in paperback, Kindle and audiobook format.

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Life is a gift - living it to the fullest.
— Sheila Spencer
Life is a gift...............

Life is a gift...............