Making Room at the table....

My four sisters invited me to join them at their table that was designed for four; they brought themselves closer together, and made room for more. 

Our banquet table was prepared with a delicious soul food spread and our stomachs were abundantly fed. 

As we dined on warm chicken, along with heaping sides of yams and greens, we enjoyed each other and everything.

This feast nourished our physical soul, and our appetites were full and whole. 

As the dishes were cleared, our table was prepared with another delicious soul food spread, and this time our spirits were abundantly fed.

We served each other wisdom, along with heaping sides of humor and grace.  We began to shed tears and share secrets, and our table became a sacred space.

We opened up and shared about what keeps us up at night, we held hands, listened and let each other know it would be alright.

In the midst of listening to others share about themselves, we were able to look inwardly and learn more about our own selves.

Our banquet table was prepared with food for our spiritual soul, and we participated in a feast that made us whole.

In the midst of the hustle and bustle all around us, God’s presence was able to surround us.

We recognized the sacredness and holiness of that moment and grasped hands and begin to pray, thanking and praising God for moving and serving us in such a way.

God reminded me that it started with four sisters who invited me to join them at a table designed for four, and that when we move closer to one another, there’s always room for more.

It reminded never to forget each time I have an opportunity and am able, never pass up the opportunity to invite another to the table.

There is a feast that waits with nourishment for the soul, and it’s always more delicious when shared with another, and makes us whole.

Grateful for that sacred moment ........

Whenever you’re able make room at the table, regardless of how many people it’s designed for, the truth is at Christ’s table, there is always room for more.

There's always room for more.....


Sheila P. Spencer



"Sharing and giving are the ways of God." Proverb

"The fondest memories are gathered around the table."