Your Harvest

"The point is this, whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever reaps bountifully will also reap bountifully."

2 Corinthians 9:6

It really was just a simple text message. ........ at least I thought it was.

My publisher was informing me that my set of books was due to be delivered this week.  But for some reason, as I reread the text, I was instantly overwhelmed by a flood of emotions. The text was a simple message – yet the implications were enormous.  At that moment I thought about the late nights dreaming,creating, praying, writing, rewriting, rewriting, rewriting and editing.  Did I say rewriting? (Smile) Images of long writing sabbaticals and equally long droughts of writers’ block flashed before me.  This was not just a delivery of books, it was the delivery of a harvest that was produced by the sowing of work, prayer, tears, dreaming, starts and stops, mistakes, divine connections with those who lovingly tended it and cared about the seed just as much as I did.  Since the publication of the book, I still have these moments of being overwhelmed with gratefulness.  I texted myself the following message and I read it daily.

When you carefully tend the seeds of your talents, gifts and passions that you sow

It will allow the harvest of your PURPOSE to grow.

One of the joys of this season has been that I’ve been celebrating the harvest of so many friends.  I’m celebrating new authors, magazine editors, graduations, new job positions, new relationships, ordinations, birthing of ministries, opening new businesses that range from a Holistic Spa to a Bed and Breakfast.  But what makes celebrating their harvest even more special is that I’ve seen them during their season of sowing.  I remember when it was a dream or thought,  journeys through studies, sacrifices, prayers, starts and stops, mistakes, periods that appeared to be droughts, late nights and early mornings.  Going through the process makes you appreciate the product.  There were moments where it appeared that nothing was happening, no growth could be seen and even setbacks that appeared to thwart the harvest.  In reality, these experiences were actually enriching the soil, filling it with rich nutrients that would allow the roots to go deep and the harvest to grow higher. So that's why I don't just celebrate the harvest, I take full advantage of the lessons learning during the season of sowing, that's what really strengthens and enriches me.

This past Sunday, one of our youth, an amazing dancer, blessed us as he danced to the song, “It’s Working (Grace and Favor)” by William Murphy.  The song remained in my heart and spirit all day.  As I walked through Walgreens, I sang it to myself and was overwhelmed again.  Yep, simple text messages and walking through the aisle at Walgreens are apparently two more moments where I need to prepared for and have tissues.  J  As I sat in my car, with tears streaming down my face, I just decided to make it complete and reread the text message that I sent myself … AND listened to the song again. Just go for the whole cry. LOL                            

The song begins with, “This is my season for grace, for favor, this is my season to reap what I have sown...”

The harvest that I grow will depend on the seeds that I sow.  But the wonderful byproduct of a harvest is that it motivates you to continue to sow more and more and more....

The late Dr. Myles Munroe devoted a substantial part of his ministry to teaching about the importance of knowing your purpose.  I had the opportunity to hear him in person years ago and his quote still rings in my ears, “” The greatest tragedy is not death, but a life without a purpose.”   When I heard about his recent death of Dr. Munroe and his family in a plane crash, those words came back to me and I envisioned a large field, rich with soil and potential, yet no seeds were planted.  There’s an endless amount of dreams waiting to be fulfilled, books to be written, lives to be changed and opportunities that are begging and waiting to grow…………….. But the question the field is asking is, “When will you sow?”

What is your field of dreams asking you?

By the way, if you see me reading a text message or walking down the aisle in Walgreens, show me some love and hand me a tissue. (Smile)

Sowing and Growing

Sheila P. Spencer

Author of the Harvest (smile) From the Jewelry Box: Custom Made Inspiration

Click the link and listen to the song that I dedicate to each one of you.  May it remain in your spirit as it has in mind for over the last 36 hours… and continues.    I’m actually listening to it as I write this piece.